Friday, October 27, 2006

Mexico Road Trip! Heading for the border...

Packing up my stuff, I realized that I had a lot more than what I could carry by myself, or check on a plane for that matter... So, at the last minute I decided to drive down instead of fly. And then my dad wanted to come along and help drive (gracias papá!), and my sister Laura almost came along as well, but had a work opportunity with a big client she didn't want to miss.
So anyway we're heading to Puerto Vallarta first, and dropping all my stuff, and then I'll meet up with Mark y Belen in Guadalajara or Morelia depending on where they'll be.

Right now I'm near El Centro by the border - we're crashing a Super 8 for the night. Free WiFi - wheee! Well, more like "ZZZzzzZZZzzz!" Dad is a log-sawing champion. :)

Below are some nifty night shots from the drive down through California. Hope you like 'em.