Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tsunami, The Aftermath airs on BBC TWO

Ugh... I can never seem to get to bed on time lately! I suppose it doesn't help that I am starting my trip to Israel tomorrow - I always feel pretty wired before traveling.

Anyway, it's confirmed, I made it through the editing process for the film, Tsunami, The Aftermath. Michelle Gray from England, a friend and fellow volunteer in the Khao Lak area of Thailand, just gave me the news via Google Talk. Apparently Kudos (the production company) and the rest of the gang did a good job in general, and in recreating the damage as well:

2:28:29 AM Michelle: hey saw you on the tv the other day.

2:28:38 AM Rafael: yeah? did you see you too??

2:29:17 AM Michelle: not me i knew where i was in the background but you are on for ages playing volley ball

2:29:26 AM Rafael: hahaha
rad, I'm fake volleyball superstar

2:30:08 AM Michelle: its a 2 part tv movie and its pretty good actually.

2:30:24 AM Rafael: you've seen the movie already?

2:30:30 AM Michelle: its mad to see everywhere all broken up
it was on BBC 2 on tuesday

She didn't mention if my role as a "continuity dead person" materialized on film, so I'm still curious about that... If you see the film, let me know.

The documentary, Making Tsunami, The Aftermath, is getting good initial feedback as well: Boards

Either I'm really bad at finding listings on the BBC website, or BBC sucks at updating it -- I can't find where on the site it says Tsunami, The Aftermath was airing on Tuesday - it still shows it as unconfirmed. Oh well...

By the way, it's Michelle's birthday. Feliz cumpleaños Michelle! I think you deserve some more fame, so here's to hoping you'll get you more paid work in the film industry (and of course, some actual screen time). ~_^

Michelle Gray displays her infamous wound as a "holiday maker" on the set of Tsunami, The Aftermath. A similar shot was featured in her hometown tabloid newspaper


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