Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dual Citizenship, Here I Come

Okay, it's about time! After almost exactly 32 years since my parents left Mexico for California with me as a baby, I am finally on my way to USA and Mexican dual citizenship. Today, my new friends Gustavo and Claudia were my testigos (witnesses) and vouched for me when I went to apply for my Mexican credencial (Federal ID). The staff was great. The process was actually very simple and didn't cost anything but time, and the the thing that probably took the longest was when the woman taking my photo was trying to make it look just right. My new ID will be ready when I get back from Israel next month. I'm stoked!

Next step: Mexican passport!

After visiting the IFE office, what better to do than relax for a bit at the beach? Here's a few shots of Boris, Gustavo and Claudia's son en la playa. What a character!


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