Monday, June 12, 2006

Thailand: Nellie has arrived

My good friends at the Ecotourism Training Center, Reid and Cougar, were blessed to have their daughter arrive safe and sound this morning. After a run down to the hospital yesterday that turned out to be a false labor, Nellie meant it this time, and got everyone up at around 5 this full-moon morning. She was born at around 10:30am at Bangkok Phuket Hospital, weighing in at just 2.89 kilograms (6 lbs, 5 ounces).

Nellie Narisarah Ridgway

What a beautiful girl. Maybe it's the Irish genes from Reid's side, the little gloves, or both, but to me she looks like a little scrapper. Perhaps she'll be a future featherweight female Muay Thai champion? Who knows. Regardless, there's no doubt she'll be a knockout in more than one way. Watch out, boys! :)

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