Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Volunteering in Thailand Day 2: Not so fun after the sun

After more time than I realized cutting bricks in the sun, I "enjoyed" the worst sunburn I can remember, and the second one since arriving here. It's probably in the worst place too — my waist. I was wearing no shirt and some shorts that ride a bit lower than my others, exposing an area that has seen waaaaay less sun than the rest of my back. Ice cream anyone? I’ve got some Neopolitan... :P Ouch.

Thai sunburn number two.

Sorry about that disturbing image... Here's something cute to make up for it. You can’t spend more than a minute in Tap Tawaan without seeing at least two of these little piggies running (or laying) around.

little piggies

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Blogger cat said...

Looks like a poster for another Babe movie. "Babe goes to Thailand". I can't think of a clever Thai name for his sidekick though.

cute pic. I'll forgive you for subjecting me to that burn.

11:17 AM  

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